Anne & Valentin

Anne & Valentin is a fashion-forward brand born from the dream of two opticians from Toulouse, France. When the pair could not find the bold, graphic frames requested by their friends, they decided to create their own line. Now the top brand from Paris, Anne & Valentin continues to hone an artistic vision built on the highest standards and a love for the object itself. Anne & Valentin is marked by color, cutting-edge style, and a look that’s sophisticated, sexy, and playful, all in a single pair of glasses or sunglasses.

Fine Eyes owner, Cleve Barham

Owner Cleve Barham’s longstanding relationships with design houses and industry reputation as a trendsetter mean he’s among the first in the world to see new styles. Cleve’s personal connections with designers, manufacturers, and sales reps worldwide gives Fine Eyes customers access to the latest styles worldwide and the best customer service in the industry.