Our Lenses

Sharpen Your Focus.

The mark of a good lens is crisp, crystal clear vision. It’s simple to define, but harder to find. Fine Eyes partners with the world’s leading labs for a difference that’s clearly visible.

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Shamir Optical Industry Ltd.

Fine Eyes partners with Shamir Optical Industry Ltd. to deliver incredible optics and superior customer service. Based in San Diego, California, Shamir is renowned for their innovation, technological sophistication, and rigorous quality assurance standards.

Founded in 1972, Shamir has been ranked among the world’s top 10 leading manufacturers of high-quality progressive lenses. Progressive lenses allow for close viewing (like reading), middle viewing, and distance viewing without changing glasses.

Shamir combines precision engineering with the flexibility to fill custom orders quickly and efficiently.

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Italee Optics

Italee Optics is a sister company to Lab Italee, a manufacturer of precision lenses. Based in Los Angeles, Italee provides a total optical package, offering superior lab service combined with Italee’s unique frame collections.

“If you want personal service from a total expert in eye fashion and optics, Fine Eyes is worth the trip from anywhere nearby. Owner Cleve Barham cares about how you look in your frames as well as how they fit, and he’s adamant that the lenses are the highest quality available.”

Bill Porch