Meet the Owner

Cleve Barham
the Fine Eyes Visionary

Cleve Barham was just four years old when he began wearing glasses, but he never felt his reliance on lenses to be a negative. His grandfather owned the first jewelry store in Clarksdale, Mississippi, which included an optical department in the back. Even as a “four-eyed, carrot-topped kid,” Cleve realized the right pair of glasses could be a fashion statement.

Cleve Barham was just four years old when he put on his first pairs of glasses. He’s viewed the world through fashionable frames and lenses ever since.

Years later, as a sales rep for a worldwide fashion brand that added glasses to its portfolio, Cleve saw a gap in the marketplace. He realized Mississippi needed an optical boutique that would see glasses as not just a functional piece, but as a fashion statement.

In 1995, Cleve opened Fine Eyes, Mississippi’s premier optical boutique.

Cleve’s longstanding relationships with design houses and industry reputation as a trendsetter mean he’s among the first in the world to see new styles. His personal connections with designers, manufacturers, and sales reps worldwide translate into excellent customer service not only for Fine Eyes, but also for its customers.

Barton Perreira

Cleve doesn’t sell what he doesn’t believe in. His personal collection of glasses tops 80 pair, including styles from every brand carried at Fine Eyes.

“Cleve always picks the ideal frames for me. It’s astonishing how he can figure that out within minutes of me walking in the door, so I don’t have to spend hours trying on glasses. I trust him completely to get the right look, but also assure the lenses are perfectly crafted. Cleve never misses.”

Dr. Roger Parrott