eyeOs eyeOs is the most exciting line of reading eyewear that’s just too cool for Granny and too good to call readers! The collection features fun and vibrant colors in edgy retro styles and cool shapes.

The ‘O’ in eyeOs represents the circle, which is the universal symbol of perfection. The symbolic circle of life encompasses the past, present and the future.Otis Reading Glasses

eyeOs premium readers embody the perfection of the circle with reading comfort and quality that is always at the core. While it’s inspired by the past, the retro design reflects the present and features edgy, timeless touches that will continue to rock in the future.

The eyeOs collection is crafted utilizing Mazzucchelli Zyl, is produced from cotton, and is colored with all-natural pigments derived from vegetable extracts and minerals. The frames are fitted with Hex-O-Tech lenses, which feature advanced optical design and coatings for increased comfort, acuity and convenience in quality reading eyewear. Hex-O-Tech single vision lenses reduce distortion due to their aspheric shape, while Hex-O-Tech dual vision is photochromic for comfort when reading indoors or outdoors.

All eyeOs lenses help to reduce eye fatigue by providing electromagnetic interference protection from electronics, computer screens. In addition, all eyeOs lenses have super AR, Scratch Resistant Coating, Anti-Smudge, and UV 400 protection.

eyeOs was designed with a passion for beauty and a penchant for quality, resulting in the most alluring reading glasses on the market. We combine meticulous craftsmanship, premium materials, and advanced lens technology to set an unprecedented standard in distinctive reading eyewear. The market demands a superior reading eyeglass, and we have responded to that need by offering a truly remarkable line of readers.